Blockchain Services
$450.00 USD به صورت یک بار
    Create Token Erc20
    Install Your own Hosting
    Change Logo
    Change Text
    Config Email SMTP
    Config payment
    Full Open Source
    SSL setup
    Guideline for running
Exchange Script
$990.00 USD به صورت یک بار
    File Zip Full Demo
    Full Open Source + Video Setup
    Setup Basic
    Setup Dash + LTC + Ripple + BCH
    Setup Listing All Coin
    Setup BitGo cold wallet integration
    Setup API setup with documentation
    Setup Setup HomePage
    SSL setup + Config Wallet
    Guideline for running
    Support Email/Live Chat 24/7
Exchange PRO
$4,490.00 USD به صورت یک بار
    SSL setup + Config all Wallet
    Bitcoin + Ethereum + All ERC20
    Dash + LTC + Ripple + BCH
    Listing All Coin Support
    BitGo cold wallet integration
    API setup with documentation
    Full Open Source
    Guideline for running
    Setup Homepage and price maketcap
    File Zip + Support install
    Support Email/Live Chat 24/7